1. When will license expire?

All licenses will expire on the 31 December of each year.

2.My license was approved in the month of November 2006. When will the license expire?

Your license will expire on the 31 December 2006.

3. I would like to make a renovation for my house. What are the procedures?

Please forward your application together with the building plan that was drawn by a certified draftsman.

4. I would like to apply for a stall for my business? How can I do it?

An advertisement of a vacant stall will be published at the PTDC office notice board as well as at the official website of PTDC.

5. When do I need to pay the quit rent?

You need to pay the quit rent from January 1 up until February 28 for the first term and July 1 up until August 31 for the second term each year. If you have exceeded the due date of each term, then the owner will be imposed with a fine.